What Is I Go Talk about?

I go Talk is the ordinary citizen’s voice. It is the channel where cases of social injustice are reported. It is also an outlet where genuine information of how to engage and stories of engagement with public institutions in Nigeria can be sourced.

What does I Go Talk aim to achieve?

  • Shame confirmed perpetrators and their crimes.
  • Expose all kinds of social injustice experienced by the average citizen.
  • Educate and give Nigerians useful tips on how to beat systems designed to reap them off in the public and private sector.
  • Document news and tell stories about financial crimes in Nigeria and give realistic solutions.
  • Make sure laws are respected and every citizen is respected as well.
  • Encourage incentives and giving of tips without being harassed for it

How do you make sure appropriate punishments are apportioned to these perpetrators?

We do not have the responsibility to punish anyone. However, we will use this platform to ensure perpetrators are exposed and brought to justice by relating the issues to the relevant agencies they represent (if government officials). We will also continue to follow up until we see the change we desire.

Do you have any social media pages that I can tag you relevant information?

We are available as I go Talk on a number of social media platforms. Click here – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube.

Do you honestly think this platform would help reduce the rate of corruption and social injustice?

Doing nothing is not an option. We will do the much we can to the fight against corruption, repression and social injustice. We strongly believe that as we continue to use this platform to relentlessly expose all kinds of societal ills, we will begin to be see that people will be more cautious of their actions and how they discharge their duties. We also believe that this would not only reduce corruption but also improve the efficiency of our systems.

What number can I call to report?

We do not have a mobile number you can call at the moment. Leave us a message on social media or an email and we will reach you where necessary.

What is the point of reporting injustice? It’s not like it is going to change what has happened or what is going to happen.

A lot of us are tired of these systems that have made a habit, who think it is their right, to cheat us on a daily basis by collecting money to fund their private lives. Corruption and official theft still happens and is growing bigger by the day because everyone has seen it as the norm. We can’t take it anymore, we are all suffering together, so we are not scared to call them out on their wrong doings.

We cannot change what has happened but we can stop it from happening again or to someone else. This platform gives loud voices to those citizens that have been wronged. It provides you with where to report cases of injustice. It gives you the opportunity to vent your anger on issues you’ve report to public institutions but have been swept under the rugs because ‘one of their own’ is involved. It is also our space for appreciating that public servant or private citizen who is doing more than he or she should.

This website is the point where government institutions would take its citizens seriously and start revealing cases of corruption and other financial irregularities. If we come together we would definitely make a huge difference. We have that much power!

Why are the expectations of the founders of this idea?

• Make financial crimes and request for bribes unattractive for civil servants.
• Nigerians who make a living by reaping people off will be compelled to change their lifestyle after discovering that news about them have gone viral.
• Nigerians brand will appreciate and citizens will spend less on procurement of public service.
• Decency, respect for rule of law and respect for each other.