What is the AGF hiding?

Government officials like the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami are demeaning the essence of the judiciary and dispensation of justice in Nigeria. Since his indictment in October 2017 that placed him at the center of the controversial reinstatement of the former head of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina, he has tried hard to prevent investigation and probe; an action that is both condemnable and unexpected of someone of his political status.

What is the AGF hiding? He seems to be following the same line with  Rickey Tarfa who thought his professional hierarchy could intimidate judges. Requesting a court to stop the Senate from investigating his role in Maina’s restatement, Malami claimed the constitution has no place for the Senate to “probe issues relating to the “employment, attendance at work, disengagement, reinstatement and or promotion of a civil servant.” However, aside from ambassadors, judicial officers and ministers, the Senate also has power to scrutinize the appointment of  Chairmen and Members of the vital National Commissions. The public needs an explanation for this abuse of power.

However, an end to this doesn’t seem to be near. The AGF has obtained a court order restraining the Senate from investigating him. That’s what we have when ministers are almost more powerful than any other person in government after the President. Obviously, Malami wants this case dead, but it remains a slap on our so-called democracy. While we allow issues around rights to probe to fester, why not concentrate on having him answer his case. But what can the citizens do, when the Presidency keeps mute, instead of ensuring the minister clears his scandal? Despite the court case withholding the Senate, the federal government owes the citizens a full explanation. If not, a government with an ailing reputation in driving towards another nosedive in public trust.


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